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Lithin’s Medicine Cabinet – a DMs take on potions

Cover page for Lithin's Medicine Cabinet

Okay, I’ll admit. This is a shameless plug, since i made something cool, i want to share with you. Luckily for us both, It’s “Pay-as-you-want”. This is for all my 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons players (or DMs) that wants to elevate their potion and poison brewing with a fully rigged system within the game. […]

Nickey’s Hatchery – an interview with Nickey himself!

Cool Chimera from Nickey's Hatchery

I got so lucky to talk to Nickey from Nickey’s Hatchery. Nickey is a community driven man, got a Discord where he listens to his Patreons and other good advice, while keeping himself and the community up to date with his progress on Trello. Transparent AF!He creates gorgeous miniatures that you can utilize in your […]

Rocket Pig Games – An interview with Christina Kline

feature rocket pig games

I’ve had the lovely chance of chatting to Christina Kline. Some of you may know her as the founder and CEO of Rocket Pig Games.They are the ones with the supportless mini’s that most people don’t believe is actually printed on an FDM printer. I’ve printed some of them myself, and it’s really amazing to […]

We are going to NørdCON in Copenhagen!

nørdmarket 2019

This weekend I (and one of my 3D printers) are going to attend NørdCON in DGI Byen in Copenhagen together with ART2RPG. It’s a thematized fleamarket that focuses solely on terrain, miniatures and boardgames for D&D, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k and more. You will be able to find competitions for miniature and terrain painting, workshops, warhammer […]

TrueTiles – Heros Hoard

TrueTiles logo

TrueTiles is one of my favorite systems as it first of all got low walls that allows for oversized miniatures or miniatures that is in positions that is going outside their 1×1” border, but also because it got 1.25” squares instead of the regular 1”. This allows for walls to be added and you will […]

Axolote gaming

Axolote gaming

One of the first creators I’ve been in touch with was Axolote Gaming. Axolote gaming is renowned for their high quality beasts and his contribution to the OpenLock setting.OpenLock is an open system that have made a lot of creators adapt into their designs so they interlock without any hassle. I’ve asked Axolote Gaming a […]