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So it’s no secret that i absolutely love these guys from Hobgoblin3D since i got some of their first in-dungeon prints way back when they started out.
I’ve also been helping them with some tolerance tests, which was an amazing experience.
They are the creators of Tim the totally human bartender, Pintsized realms and Raghaven Tavern.
They are really cool and i hope that we will all learn more about the guys from Hobgoblin3D today.

Lets get into it!

“Bag of Holding”-pack from Hobgoblin3D

First of all, tell me a bit about Hobgoblin3D and the team:

Hi Christian! where to start.. Basically we are just a bunch of nerds trying to turn a hobby into our dream jobs. The company itself currently consists of me (Jordan), Lawrence and Kevin.

We want to expand the team and we’ve had a good few interns who we’d love to bring back so we are hoping our Patreon can provide us with enough revenue to make that happen 🙂

How and when did you guys join the RPG modeling community:

We officially opened our doors back in November 2016 on DrivethruRPG. At the time there were only a few companies making 3D Printables such as Fat Dragon Games and Printable Scenery so as you can imagine it was quite an exciting time!

We launched on the bare minimum MVP which at the time was two bundle packs, each containing a small number of props.

From there we’ve launched two sucessful Kickstarters, our first Kickstarter, Tavernborn: Raghaven Hamlet  focused around a completely modular 3D Printable Tavern with interior playspace whereas the second, Tavernborn: Pintsized realms was designed so players and DMs could create their own 3D Printed maps covering vast areas while taking up a small portion of the table

It’s been an interesting  and challenging 3 years and we’ve enjoyed every bit of it (Par the occasional month of noodles and Pizza crusts)

City from Hobgoblin3d
Just look at it. Eerie!

You started with a bunch of “in-dungeon” props (everyone should check out your mega-prop pack) and are now into huge projects like the Raghaven Tavern and Pint-Sized Realms (which I personally absolutely adore).

What did you wish you had known when you started out:

Good question Christian, I’d have to say it would be Kickstarter is key. The majority of our revenue right now is through the Kickstarters we launch. In 2016 we took our time getting to our first Kickstarter and as a result we find ourselfs in a catch-up situation.

Lawrence is a champ at modelling.

How long does it take him to model pieces and how much extra work like marketing, printing work and such goes into making the final product?

Theres no real set time really, it all depends on the complexity of the model. For example our Wobbly Goblin Tavern took one full year of development because we had to delve into more technical aspects whereas Pintsized realms was quicker because of the work we did on the Tavern and the interlocking system

As for the marketing, because it’s such a niche market its constantly changing. what worked in 2016 doesn’t today for example so it’s a rapidly changing environment and is definitely keeping me on my toes!

tower from hobgoblin3d
The patreon comes with Deluxe models. This months deluxe model is a crumbled tower!

Lets talk about the your launch on Patreon.

What can we expect to see on Patreon from you guys?

It’s Live right now actually! This month features a treasure trove of 3D Printable Terrain, props, miniatures and even a tower with interior space! Plenty of content to be plundered and we’ll be opening the polls for next Months content soon!

Our goal with Patreon is to hire an additional artist to help speed up our process. So if you want more content from Hobgoblin3D then we’d urge you to check us out on Patreon.

Support the goblins so we can keep churning out high quality 3D Printables for all your Player Killing needs 😉

Check us out at www.patreon.com/hobgoblin3D

Are you finally going to launch a merchant tier? 😀

Yes! We are getting ready to release a commerical licence trial. We will be looking to take on around 10 or so Licencees for the year at a one time, fixed cost. More to come on that soon 😉

Another bundle from them. I can only recommend the travellers carriage. Its simply amazing!

And a question from my heart. When are we going to see pintsized realms, but as region maps?

The utility that can bring to my (and im sure others) group is immense.

We want to return to Pintsized realms, it’s by far our favorite project we’ve worked on so far and it was well recieved. But first we need to get this Patreon working, the Licences launched and wrapping up the ends with our previous Kickstarters 🙂

Do you have anything else coming up or want to shamelessly plug?

I do love a good shameless plug.. Right now all i can say is go check out our Patreon and keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook for a possible big announcement coming soon (If everything goes according to plan…)

The Archetype. Enough said!

OMG. I’m all giddy when it comes to pintsized realms. I can’t wait till i can make my world map in Hobgoblin3Ds pintsized realms region “view”.
Thank you so much for doing this and i can’t wait to see what Patreon shenanigans you come up with.

Where can you find the guys, you may ask?
Roll History profile: https://rollhistory.com/creator/listing/hobgoblin3d/
Website: https://hobgoblin3d.com/
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Hobgoblin3D
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hobgoblin3D

Check them out if you haven’t already and support their Patreon 🙂

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