The great question – Which printer should i pick?

One of my most often questions i get on my Instagram is “which printer should i pick?”A lot of people will immediately sling out their own printer or something they have heard about.

When it comes down to picking a printer you first need to sit down and think about what you are going to use your printer for.

Are you going to use it for terrain or for minis?

Then most of the time you want to pick and FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printer. 

These type of printers got plastic on a spool that goes into an extruder and melts the plastic (filament on a spool) and in the end you end up with a fairly detailed model but it’s obviously not good enough if you want super intricate models.

I say this with the biggest “But…” as a lot of creators have created minis that prints well on an FDM printer but you wont get super flamboyant poses as FDM printers prints from the bottom up. 

With miniatures on an FDM printer you want to avoid supports as they destroy a lot of texture underneath. I’m going to go into supports and how to make your own in another guide.

So you want to print cool miniatures that you have created either yourself or with services like Heroforge or Desktopmini. I know, they are super cool and you can get some flamboyant poses that the FDM printer cannot handle without supports.

Before going further into this guide, i got to warn you. Resin printing isn’t as straight forward as FDM printing. Resin is toxic, releases fumes and cannot come in contact with your skin. You need to be able to have a decent ventilated workspace, and the final product often needs post treatment like washing with alcohol and curing with UV.

I want you know that printing with an FDM printer is way easier and less dangerous than printing with a resin printer. 

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