Lithin’s Medicine Cabinet – a DMs take on potions

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Okay, I’ll admit. This is a shameless plug, since i made something cool, i want to share with you. Luckily for us both, It’s “Pay-as-you-want”.

This is for all my 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons players (or DMs) that wants to elevate their potion and poison brewing with a fully rigged system within the game.

What i did was i first made it so you can harvest flowers, roots and other materials in different “zones” of the world. Forrest, mountains and more.
Afterwards i made it so you have 50 new potions/poisons to choose from with different rarities and different materials.
All combined into a document where your Dungeon Master can pick and choose what you can acquire. I call this “Lithin’s Medicine Cabinet”, as there are both good and bad consumables.

Witch Brew
Multiple potions like these are available

I’ve tried to make it so you can be as lazy as possible as a DM, as that is how I like to act as a DM too.
Contact me, if you feel like you got something to add or just want to chat about the potion and poison guide.

You can find it here on DM’s Guild:
I would love if you leave a comment or a rating on it, as it helps me grow as a gamedesigner and an author.

In other news

Also in other news, there is soon more interviews scheduled with creators. We will host an interview with Valandar on Friday and one with DesktopHero on Sunday.
You will be able to read them both right here on the blog.

So other than Lithin’s Medicine Cabinet, we got a lot of good things going on in the background that i cannot wait to bring to you. Thanks for being part of this adventure of bringing more eyes to the creators and artists of our small community.

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