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Watcorpdesigns is run by people who have been dedicated to miniature and wargames in a variety of guises since the early 90s (yay Warhammer 40k 2nd Edition!)

We have progressed from yogurt pots, MDF and polystyrene packaging to resin casting and 3d design. We have fully embraced new technology to now run a large 3D print farm comprised of FDM and high resolution resin printers to cater to both terrain, vehicles and infantry parts.

In addition we have successfully run 2 kickstarters to provide 3d files for home printing – Modurail and Modutruck.

We  are currently working on our latest Kickstarter project  – Modufab – this is a huge set of 3d printable modular terrain pieces that can be assembled and disassembled simply and quickly for different setups and storage. Launches Feb the 29th.

Looking forward to working on more great projects and growing our range to make your hobbying easier!

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$2.00 to $50.00
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