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The Printing Goes Ever On Patreon – 3D printable fantasy miniatures

We are Maksym Mikołajczyk and Nelly Pietruszewska, all-round creators from Poland. We set out on a journey to provide you with high quality 3d printable miniatures. In our designs, we focus on a modest, believable style, in contrary to common exaggerated embellishments and proportions present on miniatures.

Each month we provide you with:

  • Pre-supported miniatures for characters and creatures, tied to a theme or event. Our approach is to make the releases chronologically continuous, so same characters might appear again in different gear and poses.
  • Unique, sculpted bases for each model.
  • D&D 5e compatible stat blocks for each character or creature.
  • Battle maps you can print out or use on Roll20.
  • Store discount codes to catch up on previous releases (both for MyMiniFactory and our own store).

Each patron also gets access to the Welcome Trove, holding nine miniatures of the heroes, who bravely set out on thir quest. Each model with a stat block, plus an interior battle map to house them.

The miniatures could make compelling NPCs, monsters and player characters for RPG sessions, e.g.  Dungeons and Dragons. You could also use them as proxy models for skirmish and strategy battle games, like Frostgrave and The Lord of the Rings / Middle-Earth SBG.

Price Range
$0.00 to $30.00
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