The Dragon Trappers Lodge

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Welcome to the legendary Dragon Trappers Lodge!
Hello friends and travelers, This is the Dragon Trappers Lodge, a place where trappers from around the world share their adventures and tales of tracking and fighting the fiercest creatures known, dragons! We are creating 3d printable miniatures for your favorite rpg/wargame/boardgame to print, paint, and play with right from your home. Print as is, or scale up our miniatures for magnificent gargantuan figures!

What is The Dragon Trappers Lodge?
The lodge is an exclusive club for the finest of trackers, hunters and warriors of all genders and races. The trappers of the lodge are the best in the world at what they do, true masters of the art of dragon trapping. Whether with sword and shield or staff and scroll trappers of the lodge use whatever means necessary to find and bring down their target. To many towns, cities, and villages they are seen as heroes. Their services put many an arrogant knight in shining armor to shame and their tales are legendary. Their services of course come at a price but trapping dragons isn’t cheap! Often trappers will try to relocate or negotiate with some of the more intelligent greater dragons but sometimes there’s only one option. New trappers are called greenies and you’ll want to learn from some of the veterans if you want to stay alive. Being a dragon trapper is a dangerous job but hopefully you’ll last long enough to tell your own tales.

Joining our Greenie Tier or higher you will receive the Monthly Release: a set of exclusive 3d printable figures that will cycle at the end of each month. The Monthly Release gets uploaded the first week of each month. Based on the current Goal level, the Monthly Release includes:

  • 1 trapper miniature
  • 1 additional pose for the trapper.
  • 1 mounted version of the trapper.
  • 1 version of the mount without a rider
  • 1 gargantuan sized dragon miniature
  • A sculpted special Base for each Miniature.

The Monthly Release is uploaded at the beginning of the month (once Patreon process payments). Once we enter the 1st of each month at midnight in pacific standard time (PST) the previous monthly set expires and every account payment is used to get the following monthly release.

Price Range
$0.00 to $10.00
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