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I’m a passionate miniature artist and 3D printing enthusiast. I’ve been working for the miniature industry for more than 10 years and now I’m starting my dream project on Patreon! My goal is offering top quality models for Tabletop/DnD games, specially designed for miniature painters. Because quality MATTERS!

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If you are looking for unique miniatures to highlight your painting or stunning Tabletop/DnD models to delight your friends this is your place!

Join my patreon to get different supportless and pre-supported  sets of premium miniatures in two default sizes, files ready to slice and print every month for a very special price! You will also get a free bust every month, plus all the different benefits for patrons like welcome box models, exclusive reward miniatures, Discord, Acces to polls, Access to W.I.P pictures and up to 30% Discount on my MyMinifactory store products!

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$1.00 to $30.00
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