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The year is 2000, natural  disasters and war have taken the earth, leaving science and sorcery  to  rule.  Aliens and mutants have chosen the planet during its vulnerable  time and humans are either on the run, or working with war crazed and  desperate General Tom Arena, the military leader that has used mutations  and alien technology to stop the invaders he sees as enemies. Welcome  to the world of PowerSword! 

Hi all! I am Kristi Greyskull, creator of PowerSword Retro Tabletop Miniatures.  These Miniatures were born from being quarantined with my daughter, and  watching all the classic movies and cartoons I grew up loving.  I also  wanted them printable due to these troubled times in which many of us  were stuck at home and simply needed to find a hobby, or sadly can’t  afford at the moment to pay for expensive miniatures.

I also wanted these pieces to offer a chance for [family/friend/teacher/studet/you name it] bonding time.   Because I designed everything to have an old school, exaggerated “action figure/M.U.S.C.L.E.” style, the surfaces of these miniatures are often larger and easier to paint for novices like my daughter (Who helped paint a lot of the minis you’ll see!), or someone in your life or maybe you.  With that said, these pieces were still all designed (except when purposely larger) to fit on a 25mm round base,  and of course all miniatures can be scaled down if that’s your thing, but I dig the pieces crowding the plate.

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