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Ministages was founded with the idea to offer the things I create with a passion for the wider world. It started some time ago with me creating battlemaps based on 3D Renderings for my regular group of players, but always with a sense of “lacking”. Then I made the jump to 3D printing and finally my passion for 3D modeling could result in a touchable, feelable product. Right now Ministages is just taking its first steps as I create more content and offer it through my Gumroad shop. The first pieces will be scatter terrain to be used on a battlemap, may it be a beautifully printed one or just the one you paint on with a marker, to give it more depth and structure. After that, I plan to do a few buildings and modular dungeon design. But those are plans for the future not written in stone and we will see where it takes Ministages.

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$2.00 to $20.00
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