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In the world of gaming, there are always news paths branching out before you. Today, we move farther along one of our favorite roads. Though it may be the road less traveled today, we expect it to become a wide avenue in the near future.
We have been in the game and hobby business for more than 25 years. Michael started an online website to sell CCGs when our local shop couldn’t keep the product in stock. After moving to western Virginia, we opened game stores in Harrisonburg and hit the convention circuit on the east coast.
Our family grew with the addition of three little gamers, and our focus shifted. As the industry changed, the business model had to change yet again, and still continues to evolve. While we are still selling our own line of miniature bits, we are going to start selling the STL files so the hobbyists can print their own bits and models at home. The newer 3D printers are cheaper and better than ever, and this seems to be the direction the industry is headed.
This will mean less time spent producing and shipping physical parts, and more time for Michael to conceive and design the many models that find life in his dreams. So come along with us and create your own mini universe, one bit at a time!
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