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Hey guys, thank you for your interest in my 3d modelling efforts!

Who am I?
My name is Michelle Lampe, also known as LabradoriteWolf across the web. While I recently graduated as a biologist, my true passion lies in art and design. During my studies I barely had time to create, thus, I decided to set some time aside after graduation to focus on exploring my creative abilities. In August 2019 I registered my art business “LabradoriteWolf Creations”, acquired a Creality Ender 3 3d printer, and familiarized myself with Zbrush to create my own models. In December 2019 I set up my Patreon page to release my first models.

What will you get if you become my Patron?
To begin with, you will get at least 2 3d printable models meant for Fantasy tabletop games, such as D&D and Pathfinder each month. I will upload these in a special Dropbox folder which Patrons can access as long as they support me. The amount of models will stack up over the months and with every Patreon goal reached, I will raise the minimum amount of models I release per month.
I will mainly focus on creatures and monsters, but will design playable characters as well. My goal is to create creatures with a twist. Monsters you are familiar with, but haven’t seen in this particular form yet. For example, an Arctic Owlbear composed of a polar bear and snowy owl! 😉

Why 3d printable miniatures?
The answer is simple, in 2019, my friends and I decided to go on our own D&D adventure. It was the first time after a long while that I played a tabletop game. It felt magical. The first thing I did after I got my 3d printer was design our characters to play with during sessions. I absolutely loved being able to work on a design on my laptop one moment, only to hold it physically in my hands a couple of hours later.

Why did I choose Patreon?
I would love to explore 3d modelling and printing more. By setting up my Patreon, I hope to get compensated a little bit for my time I put in my models, so I can slowly but surely get more time to work on creating, improving and releasing 3d models on a regular basis.

My printer and specifics
Currently, I have only one 3d printer, my Creality Ender 3. This means I will test all the models I make if they are suitable for FDM printing. I have to say I do not shy away from using supports, as I think trying to design minis that are supportless limits creativity and dynamic poses a whole lot. If you are struggling with supports on your FDM printer, I am happy to help you select the perfect settings though!
The plan is to eventually get myself a resin printer as well, most likely an Elegoo Mars or Anycubic Photon. This will be one of the goals that can be unlocked on Patreon 🙂 (as it will allow me to prepare files for resin printing as well!)

Price Range
$0.00 to $25.00
Date Established