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Build fantasy miniatures using over 800 stylized parts and 70 Animation for thousands of poses. Export them as STL files for 3D printing, or use one of our online 3D printing partners to bring your creations to life.

Male and Female options like Heads, Eyebrows, Facial hair, Torso, Upper Arms, Lower Arms, hands, Hips and legs to create fantasy miniatures to meet your needs. Extras like Hats, Masks, Hair, Helmet Options, Back Options, Shoulders, Elbows, Hip Options, Knee Options, Left & Right Weapons, and themed bases with multiple base item options.

After you’ve designed your miniature, choose a pose or animation to create a custom pose, with the click of a button. Save your miniature build, export it to STL or request a print from an online print partner. Creating amazing miniatures couldn’t be easier!

Millions of miniatures for less than the cost of 5 at an online store*.

Price Range
$59.00 to $500.00
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