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As a duo of artists, each with a background creating props and environments for real time strategy games; Graven Guild specialises in making high quality miniatures and collectibles for tabletop roleplaying and wargaming.

In April 2020 we’ll be launching Hexton hills via the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter.  Our website is currently being updated but you can follow us on facebook and twitter to keep up to date with the project, including our Kickstarter launch date!  Here’s what you can look forward to with Hexton Hills:

We are huge fans of world building and story telling.  We regularly play tabletop games that feature fantastic campaign maps that compliment and support in-depth lore and endless narratives.  These maps allow heroes and villains to plot adventures and generals to plan their next conquest.

Hexton Hills is the culmination of our efforts to provide others who enjoy world-building with a comprehensive easy to use hex-based toolset for testing and exploring realms of their own creation.

By providing the .stl files, backers will be able to print tiles and make expansive interlocking landscapes as large as they like with the only imitations being imagination and table-space!

So far we have modeled, printed and tested 65 unique tiles, a great start for bringing a medieval fantasy world to life.  This initial set comprises mountains, woodlands, rivers, hills, plains, roads, villages, towns, forts and variants available too.

Over the past few years 3d printing has become incredibly accessible, offering many an affordable solution to printing incredibly detailed models.   However, while accessible, ensuring your prints are successful can often be a frustrating and time consuming process.  From screen to printer we want Hexton Hills to be as user-friendly an experience as possible and have designed the hex so that users won’t have to compromise on the quality of their prints.

  • Every Hexton Hills tile is capable of interlocking with its neighboring tile via a simple but effective lock and key mechanism.  Interlocking tiles hold well, whilst allowing easy separation to swap in different tiles.  We designed this system to be integrated into the base of each hex, eliminating the need to print multiple parts.
  • A group of interlocked tiles, while rigid when held, also support a surprising degree of flexibility if accidentally knocked.
  • All of our tiles are designed to be printed at an angle, reducing visible layer lines and decreasing the destructive effects of surface suction generated during the printing process.
  • Tiles include non invasive guides to help users place their most integral supports with consistency and efficiency.
  • All tiles have been successfully tested ourselves at a max layer height of 20 microns where surface suction is most likely to have a detrimental effect on each layer.


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