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Hello everyone!

Yeah yeah, another Patreon(More access to 3d printers, more creators You’d see, I guess)

As You can see, we have just started our journey with it. In case You wonder – Yes, we do plan to have myminifactory and thingiverse running as well, but for the first month lets stick with Patreon and see how it goes. I think 5-6$ price monthly is pretty fair, and we guarantee to not raise it in the future. 20$ for “merchants” shouldn’t be that bad either. With support rising, we will definitely increase the number of designs and bonuses.

“Starter pack” or welcome pack, whatever You’d want to call it, consists of 4 pretty random adventurers, 3 ghouls and a manticore(both presupported and without supports). All those models were test printed on Photon S and there were little to no problems with that. Of course, true scale sometimes can be sort of problematic, especially in case of weapons. That’s why we will by asking our future Patrons if they would like us to reconsider sculpting STL files in “Heroic scale”.

We haven’t bothered about complicated bases, as there are a lot of patreons making beautiful stuff, and most people are using their custom ones anyway. Still, You might find 3 extremely simple bases in the starter pack as well. Any new ones will become part of the Starter Pack as well.

Monthly releases are pretty straight forward(4+1 system). You can read about everything on the Patreon page.

Another thing – supportless models and models with dozen of stances. We’re discussing both options. For now, our timetable is pretty harsh, so we can’t devote it to that field. Time and amount of Patreon support will tell.

March release is already set in stone. We are working on set of bandits, as there is serious lack of such models, and personally – I love using them in my PnP campaigns.

There was this other thing about introducing some kind of ideas for Your campaigns/side quests/side activities related to the monthly theme. Would anyone be interested in stuff like that anyway? We tend to “brainstorm” a lot during process of creating these meshes so it might as well not end up in the drain.

Everyone have to start somewhere, I guess. Lets hope for “not-so-rocky” start!

Have a great day everyone!

Price Range
$5.00 to $20.00
Date Established