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DasTri is a one women company creating architectural models and other stuff that is unrelated to RPG (like Tupper addons). It has an attached hustband for the historical authenticity and gaming evaluation.

We are offering printable files for medieval buildings in architectural quality. This means they are printable and realistic, but do NOT have surface structures or the old twisted, half ruined look that many love on fantasy houses. To make up for this, there are MANY houses in the same style, suitable for populating any town or city in northwestern Europe (and any background based upon this) from 1100 to 1500. My current Kickstarter campaign offers 125 different houses (in 3 versions and 3 sizes each), but that is just a start.

The files are layed out for 1:100, the houses have full interior details, levels can be stacked. There are print optimized versions for 6mm and 3mm gaming with thicker details and no interior. All printouts shown were sliced with Cura without fancy changes on the settings and printed on an Ender and Dremel, both available for well below $300.

Price Range
$30.00 to $500.00
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