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Creed’s Painting is first of all an adventure of a miniature painter, myself ! I created my company almost 3 years ago, after 15 years of hobby, and I offer my service as a painter and and I also give painting lessons.

Today, I want to go even further. That’s why I’m very happy to tell you that I am launching my own line of miniatures in partnership with ProxyWars and MonsieurBlackMaw ! In a science fiction universe, it will mainly focus on futuristic shock troops with all their equipment. They are called the Rundsgäard ! The goal is to build a complete army as we go along, and discover the story around the Rundsgäard.

Why subscribe now ?

– Each month, you will have access to the release of new STL files, containing one or more models. By staying subscribed, you won’t miss any release!
– Joining my Patreon will grant you access to discount codes to buy the files already released and the printed miniatures at my partner online shop: ProxyWars
– You will have access to exclusive models only published on Patreon, whose files will not be shared elsewhere. For example, it could be new poses for your favorite models already released.
– The more you are to subscribe, the faster the Creed’s Painting army will grow up !

Any questions ? Just ask me !

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