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40Emperor specializes in High-Quality 3D printable miniatures.
Our flagship range “The Azadi Death Front” is an all female Guard regiment for 32mm Heroic Scale war games.

Field our alternative guard models as an army in their own right, or  mix them in with your existing collection.
40Emperor seeks to better female representation on the table top. We believe strongly that people should have the option to field fierce non-hyper-sexualized female soldiers in their games.

Our miniatures all come pre-supported and are easy to print on any resin printer.
They are designed with the painter in mind. and they have plenty of edges to highlight and recesses to shade.

Our prices are fair and affordable, and you can print as many of our imperial guard alternatives as your heart desires.
Hope to see you on our site soon!  All customers get access to our discord community!

Price Range
$5.00 to $90.00
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